Conditions  of   Use:
1.- How Can I Order?, How Can I Pay?, Taxes
- The purchase process:

• Make 'click' on the left menu on the product category you want to buy.

• When you find, click on the section on 'Buy' with the article.

• Fill in all fields in the form of purchase. If you have to know something, put it in the field of 'comments'.

• Once we receive your order within a maximum of 48 hours will receive an email with the total cost, including shipping and other costs arising from payment or type of shipment.

• Confirmed payment, we will send your order.

- Payment:

Actual can make the payment through: bank wire transfer, Paypal and payment at the recepcion of the mercandise. In brief will be available on the credit card payment.

• Bank Wire Transfer: The customer enters the money in the account EspadasArtesanales.Com stating his name and surname and no order to correctly identify the order. When confirming payment will send your order.

• Payment at the recepcion of the mercandise: Only available for Iberian peninsula (Spain). This form of payment carries a commission that will be increased in the total cost. In the case of items specially modified or measure, or orders for large amounts be made part of the payment, depending on the product, may be from 20% to 60%.

• Paypal: This type of payment takes a commission of 5%, with a minimum of 4 euros. Once calculated the total cost, will provide it with data from the payment account, you must indicate your name and surname and no order, payment data.

• Credit Card: Now is avaible with the nexts credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, AURORA. This type of payment takes a commission of 5%. Once calculated the total cost, you will receive a request of payment in your email. In this email, you will find a link, this redirect you to payment platform, this process is very secure, the payment is made by credit cards processor of PAYPAL.

- VAT / Taxes:

None of the prices of our products are final, there will be a price increase for taxes. It can also be seen to increase taxes for importing country or territory (if applicable).
2.- Can I return my purchase?
- Defective product: Before making a shipment check to make sure all products that are in perfect condition. In any event all products are guaranteed, so it can be replaced, if the damage has been caused by transportation, please read on.

- Damage during transport.

• If your order is assured, in receipt of the package has to follow the instructions (if you're not safe, can be useful for you follow these instructions if you have to complain).

• Always check the package to receive it. If you notice any damage in the package to receive it, open it immediately and check the material, if damaged or incomplete describe in the delivery order of the carrier, and notify before 24 hours of receipt.

If you do not do this, there is no way to recover the insurance company, and not accept any responsibility.

• If you follow these simple instructions, replace the product lost, incomplete or broken.

Any change or return must first be approved, must be requested by e-mail, along with the reasons for the request within 72 hours of receipt of goods.

If the change is due to an error by the client (is wrong to purchase or returns it without just cause) it shall bear the cost of shipment plus 15 euros for administrative expenses.

Should the cause of change or return was due to EspadasArtesanales.Com, the customer would receive the goods requested, or where appropriate the amount of the product, at no additional cost.

To accept an exchange or refund, the product must be in perfect condition and with all original content.

EspadasArtesanales.Com not accept changes if the packaging of the product are not the originals and these are not in perfect condition. The original package must be protected so that it receives in perfect condition, being prohibited the use of seals and adhesive tapes.

Where requested the annulment of the order by the customer before the goods have left the warehouse, and part or all of the order is already paid, will EspadasArtesanales.Com repayment of the amount already paid by the customer to the bank account that he instructed. The customer must bear the administrative costs are set at 15 euros.

Returns will not be accepted articles specially modified or measure (recorded, with variations on the original product ...).
3.-Customer´s RIGHTS
•Confidenciality and security of the personal details, as stablished by spanish laws of personal details.
•No difusion, transmission o publication of pcustomer´s personal details without express consent.
•Not to receive any promotional e-mails without express consent.
• Free access to open sections of EspadasArtesanales.Com web page .
•To know in each moment the stage of his order.
• Unilateral cancellation of the order: As stated in the art. 44 de la Ley 7/1996, de 15 de enero de Ordenación del Comercio Minorista, the customer has right to cancell his order within seven days alter its the reception, previous notification to EspadasArtesanales.Com, with the refunding of the paid price. In case of use of this right the customer heve to pay the transport expenses and the damages suffered by the product. EspadasArtesanales.Com will not accept the return of products manipulated by the customer, or those returned without the originall manufacture box, or those returned in some way incomplete. This right will not be applicable once expired the above stated time term, neither related to product subjected to a maket not controlled by EspadasArtesanales.Com, neither related to perishable, reproducible, or by natuer not refundable goods. ni sobre objetos perecederos, objetos que puedan ser fácilmente reproducidos con carácter inmediato o que por su naturaleza no puedan ser devueltos.Also will not be accepted returns of custom made products.
4.- EspadasArtesanales.Com RIGHTS
•To keep, modify or suspend her web without announcement.

• Modify the price of the offers.

• To reject orders because lack of stock or non payment of the customer.

• To receive the payment from the customer once formalized the order.

5.- Care & Maintenance Swords
Follow the following instructions for proper maintenance. All swords, katanas and sabres, even the best ones, can be damaged by time, usage, weather etc... To avoid this you should follow these simple precautions.
- Not leave them outside.
- To clean them regularly with a good metal polisher.
- Avoid touching the blade, because swept and grease of the hands contain acids that could damage the steel.
- To keep the blade softly oily.

For cleaning and maintenance recommend just one product, if you want to buy it, click on: Products for maintenance of Swords.

Any sword, katana sword or even the exposure are dangerous objects that must be kept away from children and must be handled with extreme caution because, yet remain sharp, they can inflict serious injuries, even fatal.

EspadasArtesanales.Com and its managers disclaim any responsibility for damages of any nature, arising from lack of caution, misuse or negligence in the use or display of swords, katanas, sabres, Daggers and other objects for sale on this page Web.

By ordering the client states be 18 or older, or the legal age required for his country for possession and purchase of these objects, and not be legally incapacitated.

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