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1.- How can I Order?, How can I Pay?, Taxes
2.- Can I return my purchase?
3.- Internacional Shipment
4.- Types sword
5.- Care & Maintenance Swords
6.- Sharp: Can sharpening their swords? How come sharp?
7.- Why has damaged the edge of my sword?
8.- Hardness: Rockwell Scale
9.- Discounts for Big Orders


3.- Internacional Shipment

We sell and ship merchandise everywhere. After making his order, you will receive an e-mail informing the shipping costs, so that you can make a transfer by the full amount of the order plus shipping costs, or where applicable, will be charged to your credit card If this payment method you have chosen.


4.- Types sword

- Functionality: The swords, sabres and katanas described as "functional" are mainly for decoration but built with the same or similar materials that were used in ancient times.

The leaves are usually stainless steel and brass handles, iron or steel. These swords, sabres and katanas can be sharpened.

All have one or more of the constructive characteristics of so-called "Battle Ready" Full Tang, embutida sheet on the cross ... swords resulting in a significant strength.

Do not recommend the use of these swords for combat sham because, although well resist the blows, the risk of a break is greater than that exists when we use a "Battle Ready".

- Battle Ready: Many of our articles bear that name, since they are the same staging and swords ceremony acquired by the current armies, or replicas of swords time. What are genuine does not mean that they are "Battle Ready".

- Decoration: All articles that have no symbol that the sort, is that they are objects of exposure, this differs from the original replicate, as they do not reproduce their overall strength and robustness. Even so pieces are of high quality.


5.- Care & Maintenance Swords

Follow the following instructions for proper maintenance. All swords, katanas and sabres, even the best ones, can be damaged by time, usage, weather etc... To avoid this you should follow these simple precautions.
- Not leave them outside.
- To clean them regularly with a good metal polisher.
- Avoid touching the blade, because swept and grease of the hands contain acids that could damage the steel.
- To keep the blade softly oily.

For cleaning and maintenance recommend just one product, if you want to buy it, click on: Products for maintenance of Swords.


6.- Sharp: Can sharpening their swords? How come sharp?

Most of our swords are sharp, some not, but any could sharpen the sharpener, however there are some considerations that take.

The sharp swords that come, come with an edge enough to cut (or click) meat and bone but are not sharp as a razor blade or a very sharp knife, as it clashed with Mello as something a bit hard.

All are sharpening swords, you can make any sharpener. It should be borne in mind that swords are usually in the waters edge, that may be damaged, other swords are highly polished nickel or, at sharpening lose shine on the edge, even at some point could be a bit grating blade, not is not easy to sharpen a sword.

Problems may arise in order aesthetic.

Warning: Once sharp, are dangerous, the chance of having an accident multiply and must be handled with extreme care. NOT recommend sharpening swords, and in any case disclaim any responsibility for accidents that may happen.


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