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7.- Why has damaged the edge of my sword?

Any sword, is the quality that is, can be damaged. The swords should not be used to hit rocks or trees, everything is damaged.

Another very common mistake is to fight against edged blade, or use the edge of the sword to stop the blows of the opponent. That's because a movie, but in ancient times, the blows to the plane of the blade and only if they could not elusive.

The film uses special swords, the edge is up to 2 mm. thick, making it more difficult to damage.

Besides fighting in antiquity were not the long duels that shows us the film. In a battle and more in a battle where the confusion was tremendous, sought to take advantage over the enemy and outside.

The swords were designed to cut flesh and blood, not to be beaten against other swords. As was inevitable, after several battles the edge was heavily damaged, so it took the sword to the blacksmith to forge again.


8.- Hardness: Rockwell Scale

Scale used to measure the hardness and toughness of a steel.

The harder it is a sheet, it becomes more rigid. For what we have to reach a midpoint between toughness and flexibility.
As a sword too flexible can be as counterproductive as too harsh and rigid, as the sheet or could be cut by Mello or another in the first instance, or break when receiving a blow very strong in the second.

Using a sword of an extreme rigidity could injure the arm of whom the bland, because the steel would not absorb anything from the force of impacts, it transmits all the joints of the arm that holds.
In many swords, the sheet is worth in the scale of Rockwell in the center or the spine, and another in the upper edge.

Rockwell 30-40: This is the minimum for a sword, and if used against another sword also 40 on the scale, the performance will be good. Against other swords of more toughness, Mello was, like if they fight "against edged blade."

Rockwell 40-45: This is a very appropriate level of toughness to the spine or contrafilo a sword (commonly used in the katanas). Since it is still flexible as to prevent the sword is too rigid.

Rockwell 45-52: It is the harshness that had swords medieval Europe. These swords were strong on the edge, and were still flexible enough.

Rockwell 58-60: It is ideal for the harsh edge of a sword, at this level of hardness only reach the katanas which have undergone heat hardening processes. Filos so easily cortarián other softer materials such as wood, plastic, and even other metals.


9.- Discounts for Big Orders.

We work with very low margins to provide the best possible prices. The discount applies would depend on the total amount of orders, price and type of products you wish to order. In some cases it may be possible, and not in others.

For orders over 1000 euros, send us an email and we'll send you a budget.


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