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Historical Replicas Swords

Our Historical Swords in alphabetical order:
Ref. 2158Ali-Atar Sword
Ref. 2159Ali-Atar Sword II
Ref. 2205Baroque Rapier
Ref. 2204Baroque Rapier II
Ref. 2284Bishop of Castilla Sword (1410)
Ref. 2208Black Iron Sword
Ref. 2209Black Iron Sword II
Ref. 2193Brass Norman Sword
Ref. 2202Carthaginian Sword
Ref. 2149Catholic Kings Broadsword
Ref. 2198Celtic Sword
Ref. 2156Centurion Sword
Ref. 2157Centurion´s Sword II
Ref. 2177Charlemagne
Ref. 2178Charlemagne II
Ref. 2175Charlemagne Full-Sized
Ref. 2167Christophorus Columbus Sword -Cristobal Colon-
Ref. 2168Christophorus Columbus Sword II -Cristobal Colon-
Ref. 2126Claymore Sword
Ref. 2022Duke of Alba Sword
Ref. 2200Eagle Roman Short Sword
Ref. 2021Emperor Charles Quint Sword
Ref. 2154Felipe II Sword
Ref. 2111Flamigera Sword
Ref. 2124Finger Sword
Ref. 2125Finger Sword Damascened
Ref. 2285Garcia de Paredes Sword
Ref. 2016Great Captain Sword
Ref. 2018Great Captain Sword II
Ref. 2219Helmet broker Mace
Ref. 2148James I Battle Sword, Broadsword
Ref. 2121Knight´s Templar Sword
Ref. 2122Knight Templar Sword I
Ref. 2325Knight´s Templar Sword 'Sub umbra alarum'
Ref. 2273Lily Rapier
Ref. 2274Lily Rapier II
Ref. 2180Masonic Sabre II
Ref. 2150Mercenary Sword
Ref. 2143Pre-Iberian Falcata
Ref. 2144Pre-Iberian Falcata II
Ref. 2030Queen´s Ceremonial Sword
Ref. 2031Queen´s Ceremonial Sword II
Ref. 2195Rapier
Ref. 2196Rapier II
Ref. 2151Renaissance Two-Handed Sword
Ref. 2201Riveted Roman Short Sword
Ref. 2141Roman Short Sword
Ref. 2112Sancho Davila Sword
Ref. 2015San Fernando Sword
Ref. 2013San Fernando Sword II
Ref. 2011Scimitar
Ref. 2012Scimitar II
Ref. 2114Sword of Alfonso VI
Ref. 2115Sword of James I
Ref. 2009The Cid Colada
Ref. 2010The Cid Colada II
Ref. 2008The Cid Tizona Sword
Ref. 2004The Cid Tizona Sword I
Ref. 2000The Cid Tizona Sword II
Ref. 2001The Cid Tizona Sword III
Ref. 2328Turquish sword
Ref. 2216Two-Handed Iron Sword
Ref. 2189Viking Sword II
Ref. 2206Viking Sword III
Ref. 2320William Wallace sword

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