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Wedding - Celebration Swords

Queen´s Ceremonial Sword II

Ref. 2030
Queen Ceremonial Sword II

Queen Ceremonial Sword

Measures: 76cm    Weight: 635gr

Aged Silver.

Price: 40 € Buy

Charlemagne Full-Sized

Ref. 2175
Charlemagne Full-Sized

Historical replicas

Measures: 101cm    Weight: 2100gr

Two handed sword, Two kinds:

- Aged gold.
- Aged silver.

Price 'gold': 54 € Buy
Price 'silver': 54 € Buy

Lion Dagger II

Ref. 2033
Lion Dagger II


Measures: 45cm    Weight: 350gr

Aged Gold.

Price: 36 € Buy

Lion Dagger III

Ref. 2034
Lion Dagger III


Measures: 45cm    Weight: 350gr

Aged silver.

Price: 36 € Buy

Letter Openers II

Ref. 2360
Letter Openers II

Letter Openers

Measures: 30cm    Weight: 50gr

Tempered stainless steel blade.

    - A: L. Tizona del Cid.
    - B: Letter Openers Excalibur.
    - C: L. William Wallace.
    - D: Letter Openers Vikinga.
    - E: Letter Openers Carlos V.
    - F: L. Charlemagne.
Price 'A': 14 € Buy
Price 'B': 14 € Buy
Price 'C': 14 € Buy
Price 'D': 14 € Buy
Price 'E': 14 € Buy
Price 'F': 14 € Buy

Letter Openers III

Ref. 2044
Letter Openers III


Silver aged, Stainless Steel blade.

Measures: 26cm    Weight: 150gr

    - A: Great Captain Letter-Opener.
    - B: San Fernando Letter-Opener.

Measures: 19cm    Weight: 50gr

    - C: Spanish Dagger Paper Knife.
    - D: Spanish Cazoleta Paper Knife.
Price 'A': 10 € Buy
Price 'B': 10 € Buy
Price 'C': 8 € Buy
Price 'D': 8 € Buy

Our Wedding & Celebartions Swords in alphabetical order:
Ref. 2175Charlemagne Full-Sized
Ref. 2022Duke of Alba Sword
Ref. 2360Letter Openers II
Ref. 2044Letter Openers III
Ref. 2033Lion Dagger II
Ref. 2034Lion Dagger III
Ref. 2030Queen´s Ceremonial Sword
Ref. 2031Queen´s Ceremonial Sword II
Ref. 2011Scimitar
Ref. 2012Scimitar II
Ref. 2000The Cid Tizona Sword II
Ref. 2001The Cid Tizona Sword III

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